FAQ’s – Vortex 12D Motion Theatre

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Q: What kind of movies are available?
With over 80 incredible movies to choose from, we hand pick the rides for your group whilst you are seated in your own private theatre. We have three awesome themes: speed, adventure and terror, all with different levels of intensity.

Q: Is there a minimum age?
As long as your little ones can sit in a seat by themselves (we provide seatbelts), they will be fine to join in as we have movies that will suit for all ages!

Q: Is the ride safe?
Definitely! There are Safety rules in place that ensure the safety of our guests and also ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.

Q: How long is a Vortex 12D Thrill Ride?

You get two rides and each ride is about 4-8 minutes long so you will be in the theatre for about 15 minutes.

Q: How many rides do you get for the session price?
The session price for adults is just $29 & Kids is $24, this will get you 2 awesome rides.
An extra 2 movies can be purchased for just $10 per person (great savings!).

Q: Are there set session times?
We don’t have fixed Session times, you can come in any time from 10 am till late.
We will take you on the thrill of your choice. However if you want to avoid waiting, you can book here on our website or give us a call!

Contact us on: [email protected] or buy and book your ticket online

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