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Escape reality and play games with any one of  Thrillzone Queenstown Escape Rooms. Brand-New variations making the typical challenge that bit more interesting.

If you are looking to test your brain power, escape reality, or bond closer together as a team you are in the right place! Having specialised in all things virtual reality for many years, at Thrillzone we have taken what we know and applied it to the world of Escape Rooms!

Try out one of our many options, from our original outdoor adventure; Located in the heart of Queenstown this escape room is OUTDOORS!  Using the help of Augmented Reality we have set a scavenger hunt style route around the stunning Queenstown gardens, an opportunity to see & explore the beautiful scenery on offer while putting your problem solving skills to test.

Or how about diving into the world of VR in one of our many Virtual Reality Escape Rooms? Solve mind-bending puzzles as you work together fully immersed in another world.

Thrillzone Queenstown Escape Rooms:


Escape Adventures

Enter our Escape Adventure and immerse yourself into a challenging next-level combination of scavenger hunt, escape room, and augmented reality (AR) around beautiful Queenstown!

This outdoor game makes you play incorporated puzzles and code-cracking elements while experiencing exciting AR features & geolocation technology, without the confines of a physical room.

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Online Escape Pegasus Project

Online Escape Room

Wanting to try an Escape Room, but can’t get to the same one as your friends?

Try our Online Escape Room, login with your friends and solve The Pegasus Project!

A mission to infiltrate Spider Technologies, the evil masterminds behind a deadly neurotic virus.

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Customers inside the Omni VR

VR Escape Room

Immerse yourself within the world of Virtual Reality, with plenty of challenges to choose from!

Ranging from Alice In Wonderland magical themes, to a Prison Escape attempt. Game options for all of the puzzle solvers out there.


Escape Rooms

Rainy day in Queenstown? Fear not, our famous Outdoor Escape Adventure has been converted to be played indoors! Rummage through Dr Bergmann’s office as you try to infiltrate the evil geniuses behind Operation Mindfall. Or step inside our missing Goblin Detectives investigation room as you close the Magic Portal! With the help of Augmented Reality, our escape rooms are a little different! Work through the game on an iPad and let technology guide you through the mission.

What Queenstown's Escape Room Fanatics Think:

“The staff were again, very friendly and helpful. We decided to try out the Escape Adventure where you take a trip around the local area to solve riddles find clues. It was a lot of fun and an unusual way to see Queenstown and we will definitely be trying out a different Escape Adventure with Thrill Zone.”

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