Welcome to Thrillzone, Queenstown’s best indoor activity destination!

Right in the heart of Queenstown, come along and try our fun, high-energy and adrenaline fuelled experiences.
We offer a huge range of indoor attractions to choose from…

Vortex 12D motion theater unique in Queenstown

A white-knuckle adventure with snow, rain,
bubbles, fog, wind and a few surprise!

Hologate: Multiplayer family fun!

Take a journey to the edge of reality on this multiplayer gaming experience for family & friends.

Play laser tag with us for heaps of fun!

Enjoy tactical combat fun with tons of
gaming scenarios for all ages!

Drift go karting indoors, the ideal activity for kids

Drive, spin and drift like a pro on the
Electric Crazy Karts!

Try Indoor Paintless Paintball at Thrillzone!

All the impact, none of the mess!
Unlimited ammo!

Omni VR gaming in Queenstown

NZ’s first Omni multiplayer platforms,
the ONLY way to run in VR!

Over 50 VR games to chose from!

The fully-realised future of gaming,
entertainment and more!

Indoor Bazooka Ball in Queenstown

All the gain, none of the pain at
NZ’s only Bazooka Ball arena!

Check out our video!

News at Thrillzone:

What to expect at Thrillzone

Take a journey to the edge of reality with our Vortex 12D Motion Thrill Ride. Experience wild roller coasters, creepy haunted houses and crazy jetpack adventures! Or discover worlds without limits with 360° Virtual Reality Gaming. Experience a state-of-the-art gaming adventure while you fully immerse yourself into the VR dimensions. You know you are just visiting, but your mind in convinced otherwise.

With various VR stations, single- and multiplayer for up to 4 people Thrillzone is the ONLY PLACE in the WORLD were you now can experience Virtuix Omni VR and Hologate VR, both award-winning market leaders in Virtual Reality with cutting-edge technology, the latest gear and a huge range of games suitable for ALL AGES and skills!

Why not drive, spin & drift like a pro? 360° Drift Karts provide a unique experience like no other. Feel your adrenaline pumping as you race to find out if you can control the rear drifting wheels. It’s fast, fun and full of action!

Or enter our 360° battleground arena for New Zealand’s most exhilarating indoor shooting activities! Experience various action-packed gaming scenarios when playing extreme Paintless Paintball (Reball), high-action Bazooka Ball, tactical Lasertag or Heroblast all with your very own referees!

We are also the home of Queenstown’s ONLY Kidzclub – Leave the kids with us for unlimited fun while experiencing all our activities (popcorn & slushy included) while you enjoy Queenstown at your own pace.  This is paradise for kids and adults!

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