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Step into THRILLZONE, right in the heart of Queenstown! A fun, high-energy, adrenaline fuelled experience with a huge range of indoor adventures to choose from…

Take a journey to the edge of reality with our Vortex 12D Motion Thrill Ride. Experience the ride of your life time on our wild roller coasters, creepy haunted houses and crazy jetpack adventures! Or experience a brand new dimension in a world without limits with our 360°VR from fighting intergalactic wars on alien planets to casting spells in the darkest of dungeons.

If a shoot ‘em up mission is more your game you can choose the 360° Battleground where you can join in the high adrenaline action of 360° Indoor Reball (paintless paintball), Lasertag or Heroblast (Lasertag specially designed for youngsters). Choose from a wide range of game scenarios for your hour of warfare, complete with your very own dedicated referee. Fully interactive and action-packed!

If you’re looking at putting your drifting skills to the test then why not try out our 360° Drift? Drive, spin, or drift like a pro! Front wheel driven with unique drifting wheels, these karts provide an experience like no other. Feel your adrenalin pumping as you race to find out if you’re a pro at controlling the unique drifting rear wheels.

But WAIT, the fun doesn’t stop there! Strike a pose for our camera and let us capture some great action shots on our giant green screen! Our dedicated staff will work their magic to create your photos to take home with you, while you have fun on one of our many award winning indoor adventure activities!

If you haven’t tried it out yet, then you definitely need to come along and give it a go!

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