Your indoor activity destination with a huge range of attractions to choose from.

What is Thrillzone

Thrillzone is a leading New Zealand indoor activity hub. With a huge selection of fun activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

Our 3D glasses fully immerse you into the movies
Experience our special effects at Vortex

Who is Thrillzone For

Thrillzone is fun for all, the perfect location for indoor activities. We cater to individuals, couples and groups. If you're looking for a great time we have got you covered.

Experience VR

With various VR stations, single- and multiplayer for up to 4 people Thrillzone is the ONLY PLACE in the WORLD were you now can experience Virtuix Omni VR and Hologate VR, both award-winning market leaders in Virtual Reality with cutting-edge technology, the latest gear and a huge range of games suitable for ALL AGES and skills!

With two epic locations to choose from you can experience the Thrillzone thrill more often. Select your nearest location.

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