360° Virtual Reality Gaming

Our integrated Virtual Reality technology allows you to see, move and feel 360° Virtual Reality dimensions of imagination in a completely immersive and realistic way, more than watching a movie or playing a game!

With 360° Virtual Reality games you will live the adventure of new dimensions and will experience worlds without limits.

From fighting intergalactic wars on alien planets, skiing down mountains, shooting zombies, 360° Virtual Reality is the fully realised future of entertainment and more! Come to try it out!

You’ll feel like you’re there – transport yourself into a magical world that’s guaranteed to be an incredible experience for all ages.


“I’ve been there to play VR and I had a blast!

I started on the electrical horse and I had so much fun trying to kill zombies, they were coming from everywhere, it was amazing.

After that I had a go on the standing platform and the mercenary is a must do for who likes shooting games! Definitely a lot of fun for all ages, if you are in Queenstown you need to try it out!”

BrunaV1027 – TripAdvisor

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Is there a minimum age?
There isn’t a minimum age, although we do advise that our games can be a bit over-whelming for our younger audience. Therefore, we would advise based on our customers visiting us.

Q: How many rides do you get for the session price?
The session price for adults is just $39 & kids are $34, this will get you to play 2 of our many incredible games.
An extra game can be purchased for just $10 per person!

Q: How long is a 360° VR game?
Each game takes around 10-15 minutes each.

Q: Are there set session times?
We don’t have fixed Session times, you can come in any time from 10 am till late.
However if you want to avoid waiting, you can book here on our website or give us a call!

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