Vortex 12D Motion Theatre

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Vortex 12D Motion Theatre is combined with up to 12 awesome effects such as snow, rain, bubbles, fog, speed and a few other surprises.

Stimulate your senses with this fantastic unique experience that is designed to fully immerse you into the movie.

Loads of fun for everyone, we take you right into the thick of the action with a combination of jaw dropping 3D movies, powerfully immersive surround sound system and “active motion” luxury seats.

Vortex has an incredible selection of over 80 movies to suit all ages, so we create packages that are tailored to you within your own private theatre.

Choose from thrilling roller coasters, cyber races, haunted houses, alien adventures or even take a visit to the land of the dinosaurs.

Vortex has something perfect for the little ones as well as those who are young at heart and looking for an unforgettable experience!


 You’re here to have a good time and we’re here to make that happen!! 

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