Vortex 12D Motion Theatre

Vortex is our Motion Theatre, combined with up to 12 awesome special effects such as snow, rain, fog, bubbles, speed and a few other surprises.

Stimulate your senses with this unique movie journey that is designed to fully immerse you! Experience action-packed fun on our jaw-dropping 3D movies, combined with a powerful surround sound system and “active motion” luxury seats.

With an incredible selection of over 80 rides to suit all ages and interests, we tailor each session to you in your own private theatre.

Choose from thrilling roller coasters, cyber races, haunted houses, alien adventures or even take a visit to the land of the dinosaurs. Vortex is perfect for the young at heart and anyone looking for an unforgettable experience!


What our customers think!

“AWESOME time at Thrillzone – I went to Thrillzone in Queenstown in New Zealand in October 2018 and did The Vortex.Oh my God, AMAZING!!! It is a 12D Virtual Reality Incredible experience NOT to be missed. The first ride you do is a RollerCoaster Ride – I swear-it is like you are there on the rollercoaster and it is SUPER SCARY. You then get to pick 2 more things that you want to experience, there are loads of choices. I chose a horror scence and a sci fi scene. With this 12D virtual reality technology—with both of these scences (they both run for about 8 minutes each) it is truely like you are the character in the scene—it’s incredible. I highly recommend doing this. Go—-be scared—and have fun-)-)”

maa482018 on TripAdvisor

“Me and my friends went to the thrill zone cinema and it was so wicked!! We loved it! The videos were amazing and looked so real, the photos we took were unreal, and the staff were fun and so friendly! Will definitely be going back! We had so much fun, and we also had a good laugh with the staff!! We loved every minute of being there, thank you so much!!!!”

Teish R. on Google

“Where to start.. it’s great fun for all ages. If you want to experience roller coasters without actually being on one, then you will enjoy this. We did 6 movies and thoroughly enjoyed each one. One of the best laughs. I hope this comes to Australia.”

Paula D. on Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of movies are available?

With over 80 incredible movies to choose from, we hand pick the rides for your group whilst you are seated in your own private theatre. We have three awesome themes: speed, adventure and terror, all with different levels of intensity.

Is there a minimum age?

As long as your little ones can sit in a seat by themselves (we provide seatbelts), they will be fine to join in as we have movies that will suit for all ages!

Is the ride safe?

Definitely! There are Safety rules in place that ensure the safety of our guests and also ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.

How many rides do you get for the session price?

You can purchase 2 or 3 rides, the choice is yours! For the best experience, we recommend 3 rides. Additional movies can be purchased for just $5 per person on the same day (great savings!).

How long is a Vortex 12D Thrill Ride?

Each ride is about 4-8 minutes long so you will be in the theatre for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Are there set session times?

We don’t have fixed Session times, you can come in any time from 10 am till late.
However if you want to avoid waiting, you can book here on our website or give us a call!

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