Indoor Paintless Paintball

Our Paintless Paintball is the newest way to play paintball without any of the mess – but still packs that paintball punch when you’re hit. It’s an interactive combat game combining the best aspects of Laser Tag and Paintball.

Immerse yourself within one of our several game scenarios and experience the thrill and excitement of strategic tactical combat as you fire at your foes at 200km/h with unlimited ammo!

This unique all weather activity is packed with adrenaline and sure to get your heart pumping! We provide a safe playing environment by filling our field with inflatable barriers, having all games closely refereed and providing head and body armour.

Our paintball game is also very famous for stag parties. Check our stag do option for more information.


“Our 2 teenage lads have never been pushed to these Paintball limits! Under Geoff’s military-like control and training, they FOUGHT LIKE MEN through absolute war scenarios that escalated in intensity. One minute they triumphed together…the next game they were mortal enemies! The whole paintball group emerged from Thrillzone feeling victorious – no losers at all! Thrillzone and Geoff – our boys salute you! Safe and great!” 

theBulows – TripAdvisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it hurt?
This depends on who’s getting shot, and from what range, it varies from person to person but we do offer body armour and goggles as part of the price.

Q. What do I wear?
Anything you want! We personally recommend long sleeve shirt and pants as well as suitable footwear such as trainers or boots, please no high-heels or flip-flops.

Q. When can we play?
Since we’re totally indoors, weather is never an issue. We do however have allocated time slots, and since we’re very popular, it’s important you book in advance.

Q. How many players can we have?
We need a minimum of 2 players and can have up to 15 players on the battlefield. If you want to be matched up with more people, we can grab your details and give you a call when we get another set of players wanting to join your game.

Q. What’s the recommended age?
13 and upwards. The reballs can be a little painful for younger players and the guns are also a little heavy for younger ones.

Q. Can I bring my own equipment?
Unfortunately not, we offer top of the range markers and safety equipment which is all cared for on a day to day basis by our trained staff.

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