Escape Adventure Queenstown

Enter our Escape Adventure and immerse yourself into a challenging next-level combination of scavenger hunt, escape room, and augmented reality (AR) around beautiful Queenstown!

This outdoor game makes you play incorporated puzzles and code-cracking elements while experiencing exciting AR features & geolocation technology, without the confines of a physical room. Work together as a team and solve the mystery before time runs out. Challenges and tasks await you all along the way.

Enhanced with the help of our augmented reality technology, this exciting journey will let magic become alive. But remember: Time is against you as you try to discover the clues and find the secrets. Can you beat the clock?

Escape Adventure Case study

Pure SEO Takes on Thrill Zone’s Escape Adventure in Takapuna

Helping a digital marketing company strengthen their teamwork through a rip-roaring adventure story in Takapuna.

What our customers think!

“Great Fun in Queenstown! We had an unexpected extra day in Queenstown and didn’t know what to do. Decided to come here and it was the best decision ever! Actually, we came back in the afternoon again. The staff was very friendly and the whole experience was great!”

Ange C. on TripAdvisor

“Had a great time. – Me and my partner spent 2 days here. It has much more to do than i thought. its great fun. I like that they have drinks to buy there because i needed it. they have scary games, fun games and games for littlies. Just fantastic.”

Felix H. on TripAdvisor

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