Paintless Paintball Game Modes

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We strongly believe that monotony is boring and should be avoided at all costs – so we have created a battleground for you to experience at its highest and most enjoyable form! We feature a broad range of available game modes that will leave you begging for more at the end of your session in the 360°Battleground! Whether brawn or brains is your forte, we have a game mode to suit everyone…


Bomb Ball
This intense game puts your nerves to the test as you put your body on the line to prevent the Bomb from detonating on your territory. There are no scores in this bout, only winners and losers.

This is our most brutal game mode. Quite simply, the team with the most warriors left at the end of the game are victorious. Opposition team members are eliminated if they can be made to surrender through close quarters ambush or overwhelming firepower. You have been warned.

This fearful game mode is ALWAYS saved for last to round off the session with a hefty dose of fear. We’d love to fill you in on what you can expect from this mode, but we’d rather leave you with some anticipation for your visit…

Team Deathmatch
A highly charged duel between 2 rival teams. This is our standard beginner game to introduce all players to the arena, equipment and PAIN! Each shot that you land on a member of the opposing team is scored as a point and thus each team must pull out all the stops to ensure that they have the most points at the end of the 5 minute game. This is not for the faint-hearted.

This game mode focuses solely on your accuracy and steady hand. It is a Team Deathmatch except players are free to roam anywhere in the arena, but only possess a hopper with 30 rounds of ammunition. You must hone your reactions to be quick enough to hit the opposition yet not waste any on unrealistic opportunities.

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