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We strongly believe that monotony is boring and should be avoided at all costs – so we have created a battleground for you to experience at its highest and most enjoyable form! We feature a broad range of available game modes that will leave you begging for more at the end of your session in the 360°Battleground! Whether brawn or brains is your forte, we have a game mode to suit everyone…


Team Deathmatch Commando teams go head-to-head in this classic combat scenario! Bragging rights are on the line as both teams fight it out for the ultimate score at the end of the time-limit. Rivalries will be forged as players are encouraged to go all-out on the offensive in order to secure victory for their brethren. Domination This classic battle for superiority is ideal for teams and risky players. The Dominator box is placed in the middle of the battlefield and teams must fight to secure possession of the coveted middle ground. A player must reach the Dominator unscathed and shoot down the center to activate it for their side. While the Dominator is claimed by a team, it starts to emit their team’s colours as a taunting beacon to their foes whilst simultaneously racking up points for the team in control. A must do for all the tactical fans! Snipers Accuracy counts for everything in this skill-based twist on the classic Team Deathmatch. There are two teams who are striving to get the best sniper rating to emerge victorious. Sniper rating is determined by total number of eliminations and accuracy percentage – which means you need to get lots of hits but also be as accurate as possible. Every missed shot will sacrifice points from your team’s combined total! Free For All Trust no one! This game is all about your own skills. Every man for himself for 5 minutes of intense fast paced action. You can choose to team up with a mate until it’s every man for themselves! Elimination Two teams go head to head in this variation of deathmatch. Players have only one respawn, once you’re out: you’re out! The last team standing on the battlefield will emerge victorious! This intense game is all about stealth, tactic and fast action. Juggernaut The Juggernaut is a classic assault game whereby the odds of winning are stacked against a particular team and they must do everything in their power to survive the onslaught of the attacking team. The Juggernaut and a body guard shore up their defence in an area of their choosing and must keep the numerous attackers at bay for as long as possible. If the attacking team can eliminate the Juggernaut and his guard(s) in the specified time period then they emerge victorious.

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