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Stop playing with toys, it’s now time to use the real stuff!

ThrillZone is the only place in Queenstown that runs tactical Laser Tag. We use tipp man guns, which are also used in the Army for training. So you’ve got your own ref that takes you through different gaming scenarios, like team deathmatch, domination, sniper and so forth.

Our 360° Battleground has been professionally and strategically designed to give you the most intense experience possible during your Lasertag game at Thrillzone. It borrows design features from traditional speed ball arenas in order to simulate the superior adrenaline rush of close quarters combat. Forget wasting your time by tracking down and stalking your targets, wired headbands and vests, plastic guns and sci-fi sounds, our arena throws you right in the action!

Also, our 360° Battleground is multi-functional, meaning it can be used for Lasertag and Hero Blast, so if you don’t like guns or want to try something new, our HeroBlast gloves are designed for you!

What’s more, the fact that it’s indoor means that we are not affected by the weather and additionally we are conveniently located in the centre of Queenstown!


Forget everything you previously knew about traditional lasertag. Wired headbands & vests, plastic guns and sci-fi sounds belong in the past and have no place at Xtreme Lasertag!

We’re using the latest iCombat technology to make sure we can provide the most interactive and realistic experience. This gear is used by law enforcement officers and federal agencies for their efficiency and realism.  Our Tippmann 98 Barracuda guns transport you into various battle scenarios that are transmitted straight to you for quick changing game modes. This is the future of non-lethal combat. Our lightweight equipment means everyone can get involved from the youngsters to the young at heart! Be ready for one full hour of tactical action in our professionally designed 360° Battleground!


Hero Blast gloves 

This is the first non-gun lasertag system in the world and we are the first in New Zealand to provide it to our customers.

Strap yourself into the unit and harness the almighty power of 3 different player profiles: Unleash your super laser charge with the Titan, clean the battleground with the Commando and his machine gun or heal your fallen friends with the Medic.

Heroblast works seamlessly with our iCombat Lasertag hardware so you’ll never miss out on any of the action.

You’ll experience at least 5 awesome game scenarios and have your own dedicated referee for one hour of full-on action in our 360° Battleground.

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