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A group of friends enjoying our motion theatre
A woman with a VR headset gaming
Two guys playing on VR OMNI platforms
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Thrillzone is New Zealand’s one-stop venue for awesome, adrenaline-fuelled outdoor and indoor activities. Kick rainy days to the curb! Located right in the heart of Queenstown, Auckland’s CBD, and on the beautiful North Shore in Takapuna, you can reach us anywhere. Come and play – indoor and outdoor! We offer an awesome range of exciting and adrenaline-fuelled attractions to choose from perfect for all ages…

We’re home to the country’s ONLY state-of-the-art Omni-VR room, a high-tech setup that lets you run through amazing VR games as if they were real life. Employ your problem-solving skills to solve puzzles and escape bad guys or go head-to-head in a combat style shoot out. The world is your oyster!

Whether you’re planning your child’s next birthday party, booking a team building exercise for your workmates, or just looking for fun things to do indoors, there’s no place better than here! Our huge range of heart-pumping activities are perfect for all ages, and we’re bringing in new attractions all the time.

Escape Adventure: The Ultimate Way to Experience Your City

Our Escape Adventure is the ultimate scavenger hunt, taking you on a thrilling outdoor adventure across Auckland, Takapuna, or Queenstown. Try to beat the clock as you solve puzzle after puzzle with your teammates. Our state-of-the-art augmented reality paints a whole new world right in front of your eyes, immersing you into the chase even more. Find clues, solve the mystery, and make it back to home base… all before you run out of time!

This experience takes any Escape Room Experience to the next level! You won’t be confined to the limited space of conventional escape rooms so you can enjoy the outdoors but still be immersed in your mystery mission. Enjoy this unparalleled, unique experience only at Thrill Zone!

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re having a birthday party or looking for a great team building exercise, the Escape Adventure is the most exciting way to test both your teamwork and your wits.

Take the plunge. Experience the Escape Adventure today!

Check Out Our Range of Fun Indoor Activities – Auckland CBD, Takapuna, and Queenstown

Two guys playing on VR OMNI platforms

Auckland CBD

  • Escape Adventure
  • Omni VR
  • Race Car Simulator

Thrillzone is the ONLY PLACE in the WORLD where you can experience Omni VR, an award-winning market leader in the Virtual Reality ESport world featuring cutting-edge technology, the latest gear, and a huge range of different game options.

We also offer our famous Escape Adventure! Immerse yourself into a scavenger hunt around Auckland’s CBD, discovering all the places you’ve never had cause to find. Find the clues and solve the mystery on time. This is the next level of Escape Rooms! Can you beat the clock?


A woman with a VR headset gaming

Auckland Takapuna

  • Escape Adventure
  • Omni VR
  • Hologate VR
  • 360° Virtual Reality
  • VR Horse
  • Race Car Simulator
  • Kidz Club

Immerse yourself into the fully realised future of entertainment with Hologate VR, a one-of-a-kind multiplayer gaming experience that’s perfect for friends and family!

More into Racing? Test your skills on our brand-new DX Race Car Simulator! Buckle up for a realistic and thrilling racing adventure, guaranteed to get your heart pumping.


Holo 5


  • Escape Adventure
  • Omni VR
  • Hologate VR
  • 360° VR Gaming
  • VR Horse
  • 12D Motion Theatre
  • Race Car Simulator
  • Laser Tag
  • Paintless Paintball
  • Bazooka Ball
  • Mini Golf
  • Kidz Club

Take a journey to the edge of reality with our 12D Motion Theatre. Experience wild roller coasters, creepy haunted houses, and crazy jetpack adventures! It’s the perfect indoor activity for kids.

If tactics are more your game, enter our 360° battleground arena for New Zealand’s most exhilarating indoor games! Experience action-packed gaming scenarios with tactical Lasertag, Heroblast, Paintless Paintball, or Bazooka Ball. All these activities come with your very own referees and UNLIMITED ammo!

If you’re looking for a more relaxing fun indoor activity, visit our amazing indoor Mini Golf for all ages!


Each of our locations features individual activities, but you can set up an awesome birthday party, group function, stag or hen parties, or even our renowned KidzClub at every location!

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