New at Thrillzone Auckland CBD: DX Race Car Simulator

Ever wanted to experience the thrill & excitement of driving a race car? Wait no more! Our Simulator will transport you right into the adrenaline & drama of real track racing!

Hold tight for one of our many different tracks and discover the fun of accurate and true-to-life sudden traction loss, triple strip effect, oversteer, rise and rolls, shunts, bumps, and more. With a powerful dual-motor force-feedback mechanism and helical gearing, our G29 steering wheels provide you with a smooth simulation, weight shift, and drifting to help you feel every turn in the road.

You need to be quick, you need to be fierce and you need to respond with precision as you tear up the tracks! Challenge yourself and your friends to find out who is the fastest as you race side by side, and attempt to beat the track record!  Don’t live life in the passenger seat! Come along and put your skills to the test!!!

What our customers think!

“My buddy and I played on the Race Car Simulator, it was awesome to race side by side against him, no matter how many times we kept bumping into each other!”

M.Nash on TripAdvisor

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