Welcome to Thrillzone, Your Destination for Fun Indoor & Outdoor Activities in Auckland!

Thrillzone CBD is the mecca for fun activities in Auckland! Whether you’re a solo adventurer looking to try something new or a family of explorers escaping a rainy day in Auckland’s CBD, Thrillzone is the place to be. We’re located right in downtown Auckland City in the Ferry Building.

Come and choose from our range of amazing outdoor and indoor activities in Auckland CBD, including New Zealand’s only state-of-the-art Omni-VR game!  With Escape Adventure you can race across Auckland in a fight to solve the puzzles first or jump behind the Omni virtual reality headset to see new and impossible worlds.

Our activities are amazingly fun and perfect for all ages, so come on down and see for yourself!

Fun Indoor & Outdoor Activities in Auckland for the Whole Family

Escape Adventure CBD

Escape Adventure

Race the clock to solve all the puzzles in our brand-new augmented reality Escape Adventure! Experience the ultimate enigma-busting scavenger hunt and race across Auckland with your team today!

Omni VR

New Zealand’s first (and only) Omni VR multiplayer platform. With state-of-the-art integrated technology and a treadmill-based running rig, you’ll feel like you’re running through another world. Take on the myriad games alone or bring your friends for a puzzle-solving, shoot-em-up adventure of a lifetime!

Race Car Simulator

Race Car Simulator

New to Thrillzone: Put your driving skills to test with our brand-new Race Car Simulator. Experience realistic features as you tackle some of the worlds most renowned racing tracks!

Got an Event Coming Up? Host it at Thrillzone!

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, the staff at Thrillzone CBD know how to take it to the next level. Choose from the country’s most advanced virtual reality gear or take a whirlwind day trip tour of Auckland, accompanied by augmented-reality quests.

Kids Birthday Parties

Thrillzone is a unique and exciting place for your kid’s birthday party. Enjoy our on-request party room and get access to the entire VR rig. Kids, friends, and family will all have a lot of fun, and our friendly staff will be there to oversee everything.

Learn more about our Kids Birthday Parties.

Group Functions and Team Building

Take team bonding to a whole new level with our group functions. Bring your co-workers for a night of virtual reality fun or work together to solve puzzles and make your great escape!

Learn more about our Team Building.

Go to the Edge of the Digital World—Book a Fun Activity in Auckland Now!

For larger functions, we highly recommend you book our indoor or outdoor activities online in advance to make sure we’re ready for you. You can find us in the Auckland Ferry Building just off Quay Street. Head down Queen Street and hang a left at the end. If you hit the end of a pier, you’ve gone too far!

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