Battle of the Bars! 17th – 24th June at Thrillzone!

Queenstown – It is time for the ultimate Battle of the Bars! We invite you to round up your coworkers and send your very own Z.W.A.T. team (Zombie Weapons And Tactics) for a Virtual Reality experience like no other. 4 daring team members from each venue* will enter into our virtual Zombyte tournament to defeat an evil virus turning humans into zombies and the world against you.

Full training will be given and each team will get 2 turns to acheive the high score and claim the top of our leaderboard (live on this page)! If you ever wanted to try Virtual Reality and are brave enough to take on the zombies, this is your chance! The best team will win a 45-minute session our mutiplayer Omni VR stations for 4 people (worth $236)! Omni is the only VR systems that allows you to physically RUN in the VR worlds and Thrillzone is the ONLY place is New Zealand operating it!

*multiple teams per venue allowed

The Details:

When and where? 17th – 24th June at Thrillzone, open daily 10am-9pm.

Entry Fee? $25 per Person – $100 per team (normally $180), to book your slot just scroll down. If you alternatively would like to exchange a contra, please email Jess at to arrange details. 

Includes? Two go’s at the game, approximately 30 minutes

Need an extra turn? No problem, if you want to improve your teams score, play another round for $15 per person.

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