Hologate VR – Multiplayer Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself into the fully-realised future of entertainment with Hologate VR, a one of its kind multiplayer gaming experience perfect for friends and family.

See, move and feel the VR dimensions in a completely immersive and realistic way while your body becomes the controller and your mind believes it’s real! 

Hologate VR lets you live the adventure! You might find yourself in the middle of a massive snowball fight, competing on a challenging rhythm and beat battle or trying to survive a zombie attack together with your friends…

We have something for everyone! Our state-of-the-art VR technology allows you to play together or even against your team. The choice is yours!


“The best day ever! – We came here as a group of 4 on Monday which was just perfect because of the number of headsets they had. The first activity we did was about zombies and you’re given a little device that is a gun in the game. The aim is to shoot the zombies before you die and it was honestly TERRIFYING in the best way. SO realistic. Me and my friends were screaming throughout! The second was a sort of dance game and it was an absolute work out, we were puffed at the end! It was so much fun. It’s now Wednesday and we haven’t stopped talking about it since. The technology is amazing and so are the staff. They explain everything so well and are so friendly too. We will definitely be back to try everything else they have! Definitely recommend this, it was one of the best things we have done in Queenstown :)”

Chrissybf on Tripadvisor

“I’m scared of zombies haha – Partner and I recently visited Thrillzone on a rest day of snowboarding.
Not really knowing what to expect, we opted to try the Hologate VR and played 2 games.
First game was a robot shooting game, kind of like your typical Cod/ borderlands etc. I was surprised how realistic it was, you felt like you were in the game haha – I ducked for cover when the enemies flying over us. The second was the zombie game. Luckily the store wasn’t too full at the time because I screamed for my life in some moments haha but it was all in good fun.
Staff were really friendly, they give you tips and talk to you through the game. You can hear your teammates through the headsets. Definitely recommend this experience and would be fun in a group of 4. Can’t wait to come back.”

Jennkii on TripAdvisor

“The staff here are amazing. I had come by myself, asked what was great for a lone person, and they hooked me right up with an amazing staff teammate on the VR. It was a blast as a first timer, even if I came alone, and staff were just awesome!!!! Totally could have spent longer in here, such a good atmosphere and the team make it that much better.”

Alysha K. on Facebook

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