360° Drift

360° Drift Karts

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Never tried drift karting before? Why not put your drifting skills to the test and find out who the true Drift King or Queen is or drop the Drift bar and see who’s the fastest?

Front wheel driven with unique drifting wheels, these karts provide an experience like no other. Feel your adrenaline pumping as you race to find out if you’re a pro at controlling the unique drifting rear wheels.

Here at ThrillZone you find 12 strong fleet of brand new 360° Drift Karts! Drive, spin or drift like a pro! Drive like a go kart racer or lift the drift bar and enter the 360° drift mode, this allows you to drive and drift forwards, backwards, diagonally, sideways and everything in-between. It’s fast, fun and packed full of action!

Bring your friends and family to drift and drive around our arena. Book now and do not miss out on this amazing new experience. If you haven’t tried it out yet, then you definitely need to come along and give it a go!


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